Admission Application

Helping you get a place at your dream university

Applying for your place at an overseas university can be a time-consuming and complicated process. The consultants here at Alma Matters can guide you smoothly through the process, with helpful advice that will make it more likely for your admission to be accepted.

What kind of things will I need to submit?

  • General information forms – these will be supplied by your university or college.
  • Health clearance forms – these will be provided by your doctor after giving you a physical, to show that you will not bring any diseases into your destination country.
  • Possible course selections – a form detailing the selection of classes you would most like to attend. The documentation is typically called a home approval form, or course approval form.
  • Letters of recommendation – these are written by a teacher or mentor that you have previously studied under. You may need one or several, depending on which university you are applying for.
  • Personal statement – an essay detailing your reasons for wanting to study abroad, and why you are choosing a particular university. This essay must be well-written in order to convince the university to take you on.

How can Alma Matters help?

We can provide you with one-on-one assistance throughout the application process, such as:

  • Checking over your forms
  • Giving advice on how to ask for letters of recommendation
  • Supplying information on how to write your personal statement
  • Reading your personal statement and offering professional feedback

Get in touch with our experienced consultants, for help with choosing your course