Study in Germany

The Europe’s leading Economy

Why Study in Germany

Germany is among the top 3 countries for students from around the world. German universities are among the best in the world.

Take in areas such as Research, Technology and Science a leading position.

Germany is synonymous with quality. This holds true even in the field of education. Most of the universities or colleges are state funded.

German Education guarantees practical knowledge in addition to solid theoretical foundation. Germany is home to many of the fortune 500 companies. With a robust economy & world leading position there is a constant demand for qualified & skilled labour force.

Living in Germany

Germany enjoys one of the highest living standards in Europe hence the expenses are comparable to countries in Western Europe.

Living expenditure depends largely on the lifestyle, city and type of accommodation. In summary, a very conservative estimate of €450 – €600 is what a student would need for an economical & modest living.

Guaranteed University Placement

For highly qualified students who wish to study in Germany we offer our “Guaranteed University Placement” (GUP) program: under this program you will have a firm university place even before you arrive in Germany. This program is especially interesting for students who wish to study Engineering, IT, or Computer science subjects.

How can we help?

If you’d like to study in Germany, we can offer you advice and support throughout the whole process.

We can:

  • Aid you in choosing a suitable university and course
  • Provide guidance during the application process, and check over your documentation
  • Investigate scholarship opportunities, potentially saving you money
  • Assist you in organising safe, affordable accommodation
  • Help you secure your visa (we have an excellent track record for visa approvals)
  • Ensure that you arrive safely and smoothly at your new student home

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