Housing and Student Accommodation

The hassle-free way to find a happy home abroad

When you are studying abroad, finding suitable accommodation is vital for ensuring an enjoyable experience, and a good working environment.

Our experienced consultants can help you to find accommodation which meets your personal and financial needs – even if you are a late applicant.

Accommodation options for students

  • On-campus residences may include mixed or single-sex apartments, and single or shared rooms. On-campus residences can provide a great start for new students, as they will find it easy to mingle with other students.
  • Off-campus residences may provide a greater range of housing options, and can be preferable for those that dislike shared living areas. However, they are often more expensive than on-campus housing.
  • Family accommodation entails renting a room from a local family. This is often the most affordable option for students, but usually means adhering to the rules of the house.

Thanks to our local knowledge, we can recommend housing that meets your budget and is in a convenient location for studying and socialising. We can even help find accommodation that is suited to people with specific religious or healthcare requirements.

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