Get on the fast-track to financial assistance

Looking to save money on your academic fees? A scholarship could be the answer. Even if you don’t have top grades, you could be eligible for financial aid.

Our expert team can help you determine which institutions might give you a scholarship, and we can also assist your application.

Many institutions offer scholarships for international students, but applications are often complicated, and the process varies from country to country. There are different types of funding you can apply for, which can cover your tuition fees or pay for your living costs.

Types of scholarships available:

  • Merit based scholarships will be given based on your talents and abilities. Good grades help here, but extracurricular activities and achievements count too.
  • Student-specific scholarships can be given on the basis of gender, race, religion, and a range of other criteria. The deciding factors will vary with each institution.
  • Destination-specific scholarships are given by governments that wish to encourage students to come and study in their country. As a student looking to study abroad, you may be eligible for help if you apply early enough.
  • Program-specific scholarships are offered by specific programs which want to attract students who have particular qualifications.
  • Subject-specific scholarships are given by institutions who wish to entice students to study a particular subject.

As you can see, there are many reasons you might be given a scholarship. By starting early and getting professional help, you may be able to jump ahead of other applicants.

Alma Matters can assist you by offering advice on the best way to approach and negotiate for scholarships. We can even help you fill out the application forms.

If you’re successful, you could get your tuition fees partially or fully paid for – so our expert help could save you a lot of money.

Make an enquiry with our friendly team, and get professional advice on scholarships and studying abroad.