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Why study in Canada?

Students can expect top standards of education here, with five of Canada’s universities ranking in the world’s top 100, and the rest not far behind. Canadian credentials are respected all over the world, and 90% of graduates are employed in their chosen fields within six months. In addition, students are often encouraged to stay in Canada after their degree, providing they can offer something valuable to employers.

The majority of courses are taught in English, but because Canada is a bilingual country, courses conducted in French are also available.

Canada welcomes foreign students, and international scholarships are available to those with high academic achievements. Living and tuition costs are moderate in Canada and universities set their own fees, so you can shop around to find a course that is affordable to you.

Living in Canada

Canada is a vast and beautiful country, known equally for its expansive wilderness and exciting city life. While Canada has similarities with North America, it also boasts a lot of unique culture thanks to its past as both a French and British colony.

The Canadian people have a reputation for being friendly, and are welcoming to international students from all corners of the globe. You will have a great time visiting or living in major cities like Quebec, Toronto and Montreal, where you can attend musical and sporting events, film festivals, and more.

Some parts of Canada are extremely cold in the winter, with temperatures reaching as low as -30°C. Snow-lovers may feel right at home here, particularly if you have in interest in skiing or snowboarding. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can visit beautiful British Columbia to see lush forests and stunning natural lakes.

How can we help?

If you’d like to study in Canada, we can offer you advice and support throughout the whole process.

We can:

  • Aid you in choosing a suitable university and course
  • Provide guidance during the application process, and check over your documentation
  • Investigate scholarship opportunities, potentially saving you money
  • Assist you in organising safe, affordable accommodation
  • Help you secure your visa (we have an excellent track record for visa approvals)
  • Ensure that you arrive safely and smoothly at your new student home

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