Study in Turkey

Live an unforgettable student life in this Eurasian paradise

Why Study in Turkey?

With over 170 universities and colleges, Turkey provides lots of opportunities for prospective students. The high quality of education will prepare you for a career anywhere in the world, and the costs of tuition and living in Turkey are low.

Although the primary language is Turkish, many courses are taught in English, and some in French or German. However, certain universities will also require you to take Turkish language studies.

There is a demand for English teachers in Turkey, so you may be able to find part time work as an English tutor (something we can help with).

Living in Turkey

Turkey is a land of diverse cultural experiences, thanks to its geographic location, which encompasses parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. Because of its fascinating history, Turkish life presents a unique mix of traditional and modern experiences that is hard to find anywhere else.

You will find that the Turkish people are warm and friendly to visitors, as hospitality is integral to their culture. They enjoy good food, and you will have many opportunities to try delicious local cuisine and Turkish coffee.

Turkey is a beautiful country full of gorgeous scenery, and the Mediterranean climate will appeal to lovers of hot weather. The capital city Istanbul is a great place to visit or live in as a student, due to the rich art and culture, famous markets, and multitude of historical buildings.

Although Turkey is a secular nation, a large percentage of the nation follows Islam, so students who are Muslim will feel at home here.

How can we help?

If you’d like to study in Turkey we can offer you advice and support throughout the whole process.

We can:

  • Aid you in choosing a suitable university and course
  • Provide guidance during the application process, and check over your documentation
  • Investigate scholarship opportunities, potentially saving you money
  • Assist you in organising safe, affordable accommodation
  • Help you secure your visa (we have an excellent track record for visa approvals)
  • Ensure that you arrive safely and smoothly at your new student home

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